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Premium serve wares online gift store in Australia right now? Our other special product includes natural stone coasters that are specially made from Travertine. These drink coasters have beautiful patterns and color throughout the natural stone. Stonewood Collections offers unique contemporary designs and our handmade products are a beautiful addition to any kitchen or home. We are a proud Australian owned small business. Order now to get our amazing products at your doorstep! See extra details at kitchen decor online gift store in Australia.

These handmade coasters would make a great Valentine’s Day gift, housewarming or wedding gift. They are perfect for styling your Airbnb and are a beautiful addition to any home. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. These quality coasters are durable, are sealed with a dedicated sealant and come with scratch resistant feet for furniture protection. Won’t stick to your mug or glass! These are handmade products no two coasters will be the same, there maybe some air bubbles present we do our best to limit these when making however this adds to the natural beauty of the coasters. Some coasters may feel smooth and others a little rough this is part of the of the handmade product. All coasters come wrapped in gift twine.

The best thing about buying handmade homeware woodworking homeware is that it is completely unique, and it simply cannot be replicated by mass-manufacture. It is near on impossible even for a skilled potter to replicate exactly the same item. The Little Pot Company gives a great example of one of the variables that effect the final outcome of homeware woodworking: “Glazes on handmade boards, especially ones fired in open flames usually have a much more varied character. The mug can be different colours on different sides depending on how the flame has travelled around it in the kiln.” Glazes are temperamental, kiln temperatures vary, clay isn’t always the same mix – the variables are endless.

Camphor Laurel timber has also been found to have innate anti-bacterial properties due to the naturally occurring oil in the timber, which makes it ideal for use in breadboards. The naturally occurring chemicals that provide these properties include; camphor, safrole, cineole, cinnamaldehyde, fatty acids, mannitol, limonene, tannins, terpineol, eugenol, pinene, linalool, and geraniol (3, 4). The kiln drying used in the processing of the timber ensures that these chemicals will not contaminate food prepared on the boards.

Our Beautiful wooden cutting boards make a fantastic gift for any occasion, wedding, housewarming, birthday or anniversary. Made and designed in Australia. Our Premium Camphor Laurel chopping boards produce stunning grains and a beautiful aromatic smell. They are considered one of the best when it comes to food preparation due to the natural anti-bacterial properties found within the wood. These versatile, multipurpose cutting boards are perfect for cutting meats, chopping veggies/fruits, serving cheese platters and so much more while adding a bright and refreshing touch to your kitchen decor. Each cutting board is handcrafted by our incredibly talented woodworking professionals in Brisbane, Queensland. Find extra details on